Rose Removals takes on the Cathedral challenge!

Cathedral spiral staircase

When presented with the challenge to remove a grand piano from a turret in Exeter Cathedral, George Rose, owner of Rose Removals, stated that their motto was: “With willing hearts and skilful hands, the difficult we do at once; the impossible takes a little longer.”

Rose Removals are quite used to taking on challenges. In the past they have moved the Tiananmen Square statue (at Exeter University – see it in our video) and even a dinosaur (also shown in our video). They have delivered a grand piano via the OUTSIDE of a tower building and in through the window of a penthouse suite.

The Rose Removals team are very familiar with Exeter Cathedral, having previously been entrusted to move a quarter of a million pound 14ft Petrof Concert Grand Piano on several occasions (see photo at the end of this article).

Having looked at the task, Mr Rose made a cardboard template of the piano and did a practice run down steep spiral staircases and through narrow arches before he allowed his workforce to handle the piano. He personally supervised the delicate move and the piano was safely delivered from the turret.

spiral staircase

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Below: The quarter of a million pound Petrof Concert Grand Piano, mentioned earlier in this article.